5 громких скандалов из жизни футболиста Андрея Аршавина
Yesterday the Russian football star turned 35 years old! 7days.ru reminded of the scandalous stories associated with the name of the famous athlete.

5 громких скандалов из жизни футболиста Андрея Аршавина

Andrey Arshavin

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Football career and personal life of one of the most
titled football players of Russia of the last years of Andrei Arshavin, who yesterday
“knocked” for 35 years, until recently, were among the most covered topics in the media. In
2008, being the captain of Russian football team at Euro 2008, Arshavin showed the world-class game. And largely thanks to his efforts, our team finally entered the top three and took bronze at the European championship for the first time in twenty years.

In the quarterfinal game with the Netherlands Andrew showed remarkable endurance and was a true leader
our team. In addition to the assists, Arshavin in overtime scored a beautiful goal
put the final point in the game and brought the team a ticket to the
the semi-finals of Euro 2008.

Even despite the fact that in the next game we lost to future Champions
— the Spaniards, the third place in the “Euro” was recognized as the long-awaited triumph of football
over the years, because after a second place of the USSR national team at the European Championships of 1988 and the collapse of the Union,
the national team of the Russian Federation, to put it mildly, left much to be desired.

Brilliant performance at the championship brought Arshavin not
only the title of the best player of the Russian team, but also a profitable contract with
English “the Arsenal”. Perhaps fame is infatuated with a talented
midfielder. After moving to London, Andrew committed a few mistakes and appeared in the center of the scandals
which cost him dearly…

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  • 5 громких скандалов из жизни футболиста Андрея Аршавина
    Andrey Arshavin

  • 5 громких скандалов из жизни футболиста Андрея Аршавина
    Julia Baranovskaya


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