5 rules of life Madonna

5 правил жизни Мадонны

5 правил жизни Мадонны

Madonna has shared his life-rules, without which in her opinion, would not be able to achieve success in life. Thanks to them, now Madonna’s most successful and influential pop singer, the Queen and the idol of millions, the most influential performer of all time.

With that name she could go out, or nun, or what came out! So himself tells Madonna herself. Really, the first option seemed much more likely. The future star was born in a very religious family and every week went to Church. The future star was different at school, where she received only five. However, even then it was difficult to it to calm his inner devils, who were forced to wear that multi-colored socks, wear a halter top to dance in too short shorts.
In fact, these outrageous attacks were nothing but a dumb call for attention and love. When she was 5 she died of cancer
mom, dad quickly married, and soon, in addition to five brothers and sisters, there are two more reduced. She didn’t see any other option
to draw attention to themselves to become famous throughout the world.

5 правил жизни Мадонны

Never give up if at stake is your biggest dream” is the first rule of life of the Madonna.
The secret of its success is not so much the voice as the natural and fearless and every time change, no taboos for Madonna does not exist, and the main thing – Faith in yourself.
“Never in himself no doubt,” is the second rule.
She arranged a spectacular show and was shocked by the outrageous clips. Madonna mercilessly criticized and this was to move on.
“Be grateful” — the third rule of life.
She invites you to be more relaxed, to listen to their desires and, most importantly, get rid of society’s prejudices. Because sexism, a woman resent discrimination against people on racial, religious affiliation.
“Equality” — is the fourth rule of the Madonna.


And the last rule for more than 30 years helps to stay on top of the world is of course, the usual hard work.
“To work hard” — the fifth rule of the Madonna.
Full dedication Madonna is still working, giving it all 100% and not for a moment not to give up.
Yes, Madonna is already more than 60 years, but not on the moment she give in and not going to give up!

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