5 правил идеальной мужской гардеробной

If you think that dressing room needs only a woman, you are greatly mistaken. Modern man, especially a business that cares about their appearance and follow fashion, this room is a must. Kira Salmanova architect specializing in interior design for real men, gave us a few tips on how to build a men’s dressing room.

5 правил идеальной мужской гардеробной

1. The choice of style

Of course, in the modern sense, dressing room — is not just a room with cupboards, and this is a fitting room, where by styles, types, and seasons are laid out each thing. This greatly simplifies the process of selecting, fitting and fees. However, if we are talking about the difference between men’s and women’s dressing style, then, clearly, in a male dominated practicality, minimalist design and “masculine” materials, such as glass, wood, leather, metal.

As for the location of the dressing room, it all depends on preference and lifestyle men. Unspoken rules, men’s dressing room is located next to the office. But, if a man lives alone, you can plan it near the entrance or bedroom.

5 правил идеальной мужской гардеробной

2. Filling

The choice of systems for the men’s wardrobe is different from women’s. For the strong half in the Arsenal must be hangers for shirts, jackets, accurately calculated according to the width of a coat hanger with different height mounts — for ease of use.

For convenience is to work out all storage holders for trousers, ties, belts, drawers for accessories, lingerie, shelves for hats, bags, shoes, umbrellas.
Of course, in the men’s wardrobe must be a full-length mirror and Ottoman for trying on shoes.

5 правил идеальной мужской гардеробной

3. Freestanding storage system

A separate issue is storage of winter clothes and shoes. For this to dressing room may provide closed cabinets.

If it is not possible to create a separate dressing room, you can highlight the space under a wardrobe with sliding or transparent doors.

5 правил идеальной мужской гардеробной

4. Lighting

Remember funny cases where, going in a hurry, wearing two different sock? So, to avoid such situation, it is necessary to provide in the dressing room with quality lighting system. Well, if there or in the room itself will be a source of natural light — window. If not, you should carefully think over the scenarios. First, the illumination of shelves — for convenience, secondly, the General light — fitting, and, finally, the mood lighting in the interesting case of interior design.

5 правил идеальной мужской гардеробной

5. The details and decor

Dressing room with proper design can become one of your favorite places in the house. It can store not only clothes, but also sports equipment (don’t forget to provide a special mounting for it), if you love something tinkering, household supplies, cups and awards.
If the correct approach to interior design man’s wardrobe, these items can be elegant and stylish to write on the project. Bringing the dressing room will become a room of your home.

5 правил идеальной мужской гардеробной

Thanks for the help in preparing the article of the architect Cyrus Salmanovo.

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