5 причин порадоваться, что ты рыжий

It turns out that people with a fiery hair color, healthier and younger-looking compared to blondes and brunettes. And that’s not all…

According to statistics, people with flaming hair on the planet only 2 percent. But they more all goes. “Red-red, freckled, killed his grandfather with a shovel” – it’s flowers. In the Middle ages, for example, they were declared witches and burned at the stake. It’s all nonsense, of course, but something red is still cooler blondes and brunettes.

Recently, Dutch scientists have found that red makes people look younger than their age. And thanks for that, they have the MC1R gene responsible for red hair and fair skin. It turned out that it also affects DNA repair, which helps prolong youth. Researchers from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam studied the faces of 2700 Dutch and found that the owners of the “red gene” looked on average 2 years younger than biological age.

This good news does not end there: it turns out that red is better, not only the appearance but also overall health. Due to delayed ageing, they have in General stronger health.

Have the red people, there are other reasons to rejoice. Despite the fact that they have less hair than others, in General, the thicker hair due to the fact that they have thicker, and hence stronger hair.

Plus, red is much longer turns gray. The fact that first from the hair leaves the fiery pigment, people turn to the blond, and then appears white.

Finally, the red-haired people more sexy. As British scientists have found that redheads make love on average 3 times a week, while blondes and brunettes – only 2.

Well, now it is clear whence feet grow all these teasers about the red. They are just jealous!

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