5 самых лучших мужских ягодиц среди звёзд!

5 самых лучших мужских ягодиц среди звёзд!
Who said that only the butt of Kim Kardashian deserves to be on it to talk? The ass
these beauties can envy itself Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez. So
we present to Your attention the Top 5 sexiest male pop.

Opens the top-5 best friend Leonardo DiCaprio – actor Tom hardy, who was
once exposing their naked body parts on the screen to understand everything –
these charms are half of the Kingdom! And it happened in the movie “Bronson”. In the press until now
remember how effectively the actor has bared his butt. Now his female fans with
looking forward to the release of the TV series “Taboo” with the participation of hardy, as is rumored, he is there
demonstrate again its charms. By the way, these forms That acquired quite
later. All youth actor pulled for alcohol and drugs and after only 30 left

destructive habits and pumped up the muscle. For victory over a more than successful debut
Tom hardy’re benching his ass is on the 5th place.

5 самых лучших мужских ягодиц среди звёзд!
Fourth place is given to Channing Tatum. His buttocks cleverly twisted in the movie “Super
Mike.” They brought to mind the girls, women and even grandmothers. Such a sexy PA
the actor was taught in a strip club, where the actor poncho worked, as a young guy and such
way to earn a living. Although I went back to work completely different
“I started to work there not for the money. I was just curious to observe people. I
saw despair, depression. Such places help to better understand human nature!”,
explained the actor.
We certainly do not presume to judge him about what he’s wearing suits on the pylon tried
to understand human nature, but the fact that he was dancing, pumping gluteal muscle – unconditional
Bronze our chart give the noble heartthrob Orlando bloom, known for cult
the film “pirates of the Caribbean”. Twink is ready for everything to keep the buttocks in
perfect shape. Training on land and on water! After such loads ass actor even
that not even, it becomes strong like a rock! Even the coach of his ward
recognizes that a breech of the actor and how! Inspired by his fifth point Orlando
decided that it is not good to hide it under tight clothes! Photos of her swimming with Katy Perry a little
provoked the beginning of a new sexual revolution. And during one of the performances of the actor
just on stage completely undressed, who has pleased his audience.
Agree, no place for the charms of David Beckham would be a crime, because
sex symbol of our time daily training to sweat off the forehead to these
buttocks made it easy to chop nuts. But the ass its owner almost
dragged into litigation. It happened a few years ago when Beckham starred in a very well
candid underwear pictures. Popa player made an incredible impression on
their fans, even the actors were impressed, especially a lot of compliments slept and
famous actor Danny DeVito. But the journalists from the laudatory reviews abstained, so
like made it’s really not Beckham ass, and apparently some sort of understudy.

After this announcement, Beckham was ready to prove in court that it was his sweet, sweet ass.
In the first place top star conveniently located ass actor Jude law. The actor does not lose
time to remove the exposed. He was no underwear in the film “Dom Hemingway”.
Below a few seconds to light their genitals Jude law a few months
actively fattened tasty because according to the Director, he had to have
pretty curvy. And the actor himself at that time really had.
In the film “Young dad” Jude again trotted their wares in the frame. In your
46 years old actor and his butt in great shape!

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