5 самых неудачливых «охотниц» за чужими состояниями

5 самых неудачливых «охотниц» за чужими состояниями

Anna Nicole Smith

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Arriving in Hollywood from somewhere in the provinces, ambitious
beauty, often see two possible “career” to become a movie star
or marry a millionaire. Well, if you don’t succeed neither.
the end, find yourself at least a rich lover. The trouble is that in this case
possible unexpected turns …

Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole, who grew up in
Texas, Los Angeles came in search of fame and money. Leaving school at 15,
it soon “jumped” to marry — for the common cook Wayne Smith. It soon became
it is clear that no fine clothing, no jewelry to give her, he can’t. And Anna
Nicole decided to make their own. Since roles in the movie, which
she wanted, offered her no, she tried herself as a model — without much success. Dared to start to be photographed for “Playboy”, and soon
came to work in a strip club. Here fortune and she finally smiled.

In a strip club for their lush
forms she made an irresistible impression on coming here to gawk at
young Hotties 86-year-old billionaire Howard Marshall. Anna Nicole decided not
miss fortune and soon became his mistress. And two years later Howard,
absolute delight of a girl, invited her to become his wife! The problem was
that Anna Nicole is still listed as the wife of his cook. To divorce with him
left more than a year precious time, Howard was failing and she was afraid he was not
live to see the wedding. But still he waited
before the ceremony: in 1994 she became his wife. However, just 14 months
later, Marshall died.

And then it broke
disaster: it turned out that Howard is not
included her in his will… Pulled a series of trials, during
which Anna Nicole was trying to prove their rights to the part of colossal
the status of the deceased husband, in 1, 6 billion dollars. She never
waited for the final verdict. Tired of waiting and desperate Smith
died of a drug overdose at the age of 40…

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  • 5 самых неудачливых «охотниц» за чужими состояниями
    Anna Nicole Smith


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