5 малоизвестных фактов про младшую дочь Дональда Трампа

5 малоизвестных фактов про младшую дочь Дональда Трампа

Today, October 13, the youngest daughter of Donald trump Tiffany trump was 26 years old. Many tabloids believe the girl forgotten by his father, but it is not. Yes, her name is not famous brand, but there are reasons. Today, the birthday of Tiffany, we have prepared 5 interesting facts about the girl.

  • The Name Tiffany
  • Tiffany trump is the daughter of the President of the United States Donald trump and actress Marley Mails. Their marriage lasted only 6 years, during this time, they had a daughter who became the biggest jewel in their lives. That is why the name Tiffany’s parents gave the girl in honor of the famous jewelry company Tiffany&co that manufactures silver jewelry, and perfumes.

  • Out on the podium
  • The girl tried herself in the role model. It happened once, right after graduating from University, where she received a degree in sociology. At this time in new York hosted Fashion week, and she decided to take part in it. On the podium Tiffany’s came in a dark blue suit from a famous designer. From that moment on, the youngest daughter of the President of this activities were not engaged.

  • Relationship with his father and older sister
  • The last of my parents ‘ divorce, Tiffany decided to stay and live with his mother in California, therefore, from the period of her father she saw less frequently. The mother tried in every way to isolate the youngest daughter from journalists and pushy photographers. More interaction with Donald started at the moment when he decided to run for President. The girl were open and active campaigning for his father, and admitted that every day he forces her to become better.

    5 малоизвестных фактов про младшую дочь Дональда Трампа

    With his older sister Tiffany Ivanka have a great relationship. They always appear together at social events, encouraging their fans on Instagram combines photos. Tiffany once told me that her sister always helps to choose the right outfit for the event and what to say in an interview to journalists.

  • Life in social network Instagram
  • Tiffany not has an active social life, but her Instagram page is updated daily with new photos and videos. At the moment the girl is following more than one million people. Why the girl is such a success is unknown, most likely, the secret lies in its popular names. The only reason her life is interesting to so many people. The last photo, which is posted Tiffany on your page, it was with her new lover Michael Boulos.

  • Boyfriend billionaire
  • About your love Tiffany told the social network in late 2018. Guy became a billionaire from Nigeria, Michael Boulos. He inherited the company, which is engaged in trade of construction machinery and spare parts. They are both from fairly wealthy families, so to call their romance “best” is impossible, they clearly love each other. One day, Tiffany wrote a post about his lover, where he admitted that he fills her life with joy. I hope that one day we will see the wedding of these young people.

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