5 interesting facts about Prince George

5 любопытных фактов о принце Джордже
Son of Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William was three years old.

5 любопытных фактов о принце Джордже

Prince George and Kate Middleton

Photo: PA Images/TASS

This year Kate and William on the occasion of the birthday of George decided not to have a party with
a large number of guests, but just a family tea party in their country
home — Anmer Hall. But Kate and William had pre-planned and prepared gifts for your little Prince. This year, he will get what most want: cute little
shaggy puppy and a large railroad
with train.

The Prince dreams of becoming a pilot

Boy George, as noted by his parents, loves all sorts of equipment. He is just happy when William, who is serving in a medical aircraft, it takes a
and allows you to sit in your helicopter. Kate already told me that
George is always asking dad what the name of one or the other part of it
flying cars and why it is needed. And recently, the Prince has demonstrated the acquired knowledge in practice. A couple of weeks ago Kate and William took it with
an air show in Gloucestershire. And George was struck by the pilot of one of the helicopters,
starting to ask about the tail propeller, contriving, at the same time, even
to correctly pronounce the term!

5 любопытных фактов о принце Джордже

Prince George and Prince William

Photo: PA Images/TASS

George begged
parents to allow him to sit in the cockpit of high-speed aircraft. And then
staged “scene, when Kate wouldn’t let him “right now to fly with uncle pilot… William is sure that in the future the son certainly
learn how to manage the whole flying technique.

In the meantime he was only three years,
he develops a smaller car – like yellow-green tractor
pedals and lifting the bucket, which travels to the estate in Sandringham. And yet, riding on his little scooter with this
speed, that William could not keep up with him. No problem George and more
complex computer equipment. As
according to his mother, his father’s tablet the boy has mastered, even when he was a year old…

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  • 5 любопытных фактов о принце Джордже
    Kate Middleton

  • 5 любопытных фактов о принце Джордже
    Prince William

  • 5 любопытных фактов о принце Джордже
    Prince George (George)


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