5 женских ошибок Мэрилин Монро
Today the most famous in the history of cinema the blonde would have turned 90 years old.

5 женских ошибок Мэрилин Монро

Marilyn Monroe

For a half century have passed since the death of Marilyn, humanity never
found another symbol of absolute femininity. In a rapidly changing world
this little blonde continues to be a measure of women’s
appeal. It is not just about looks. Let’s be honest:
in the days of the Marilyn happened women more beautiful. And not in acting
the talent, the presence of which she tried to prove most of his short
life. And not even in an amazing coincidence of famous names and tragic
circumstances, which turned the fate of the Monroe legend.

One Day, Tony Curtis
her partner on the film “In a jazz only girls”, asked, what, in his opinion,
was the magic of Marilyn. He replied: “She has managed to stay normal,
once in very unusual circumstances.” This is perhaps one of the best versions of who was Marilyn
Monroe. A lot falls into place if we assume that the famous dress from
gold lamé, a dazzling smile and perfect blond curls hid
a common woman: the doubters of the correctness of its path, not too confident
in their own attractiveness, commits mistakes… By and large, the main
the difference between any of us and Marilyn Monroe in the number of errors and the price that
we pay for them.

The portal 7days.ru studied the biography of the great Blondes and chose five
missteps Marilyn, which cost her personal happiness, motherhood and
the end of life.

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  • 5 женских ошибок Мэрилин Монро
    Marilyn Monroe


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