5 распространенных ошибок при самостоятельной установке системы усиления сотовой связи

If you have decided to spend the gain of the signal at the cottage or apartment on their own, to obtain a positive result it is recommended to avoid errors that are often committed by people with inadequate experience or knowledge in this area. The company’s specialists SotSignal have prepared for you an article that will help you to minimize the risk of negative consequences for the installation and connection of equipment.

5 распространенных ошибок при самостоятельной установке системы усиления сотовой связи

1. Error when choosing an amplifier

Under the “amplifier” refers to the main system unit, also called a repeater or a repeater. In the case of this equipment is a key process that ensures signal amplification. To operate the system requires the appropriate peripheral equipment, namely:

-external (donor) antenna;
-internal (service) antenna;
-conducting cable.

To correctly select all elements of the system, it is important to determine the range of frequencies of your operator, and also to consider the area of the space and its configuration.

Recommended to measure the level of the existing signal communication with the phone via the service menu or the mobile app, now download for any mobile operating system.

You will receive a set of numerical values that need to correctly interpret it. In simple terms, a value of -65 dB -75…will mean a good signal strength in the given range. Testimony from -95 to 110 dB means poor reception and even lack of signal. The basic idea is this: the worse the signal the more powerful amplifier you will need.

But there is a lot of nuances:

  • different operators on the same frequency bands can be completely different results. In practice, this is easily detected when one operator is stable and the other not.
  • the results of measurement at different points on the same object, and inside and outside can differ significantly.
  • good signal in the frequencies of the GSM900 or GSM1800 not guarantee communication without interference and interruptions in the presence of frequency 3G and 4G LTE with unsatisfactory readings. The protocols of the radios modern smartphones automatically switch to the frequency of a higher order, without analyzing their stability. In this case, the selection of equipment will have to work with 3G and LTE bands.
  • amplifier power should be comparable to the number of internal antennas cable length and the total area of signal amplification. The more antennas, the more diffused and weak the signal will be distributed inside the premises.

The number and type of internal antennas will depend on and space you need to cover link.

Depending on the initial conditions of admission, the presence of ceiling and floor space choice in favor of a particular model of equipment may differ fundamentally! Therefore, before drawing up a commercial offer, a specialists SotSignal always go to the site with special measuring equipment, conduct the inspection and suggest the remoteness of parts of the system from each other during installation.

2. Incorrect installation of an external antenna

To the gain of the signal in the apartment and in the country as effective as possible, it is important to determine the place of installation of the external antenna where the signal from the base station operator is the best and confident, with a minimum of natural obstacles in his way. In the amplification of the signal from two or three operators are required to select a point, from which access to multiple relevant cell towers.

To diagnose the direction of the signal, you can use your mobile phone in the place and direction where the signal level on the phone will be the high and stable, install and secure the external antenna.

Some donor antenna when mounted on the bracket conveniently going almost 360 degrees. In the future, it helps to quickly redirect the antenna if you change the network configuration on the ground.

3. Incorrect installation internal antennas

While installing the system gain cellular signal you need to provide isolation between internal antennas and external antenna. Otherwise there will be a so-called loopback when the external antenna takes the signal from internal, not from the base station of the cellular operator. That is, the same signal is magnified in a circle and the system stops working.

Do not install the antenna close to each other, in metal and mirror boxes, shielding the signal.

4. Use of the wrong cable

Choose quality high frequency cable, based on the input impedance of the antenna and the amplifier (normally 50 OHMS). That way you get the least signal attenuation from the base station.

Note that the smaller the length of the cable, the lower the potential loss of signal strength. If you want to strip a long length cable, you will need additional line amplifier to ensure the optimum operation of the system.

5. Wrong connection of system devices

At this stage you need to check carefully the sequence of connection of all devices and connections to avoid damage or failure of the relay cellular communication. In addition, a wrong connection can have interference and interruptions in connection, not only your room, but also negatively affect the quality of communication with other users. If the system is installed and connected correctly, and the other parties decide to find the culprit, with the help of special equipment to do it easily. Then the guilty party will incur penalties and damages.

In any case, self-selection of a GSM signal booster kit and equipment, and their installation requires specific knowledge and experience, so we recommend that you entrust this work to professionals. Experienced engineers perform typical installation in 2 hours, without disturbing your plans. Additionally, you will receive the warranty and service during the year, which will help to avoid additional expenses.

Details about services and video you can watch on the website of the company SotSignal. Contact us by phone +7 (499) 398-28-85 or leave a request on the website to get guaranteed results and always be connected!

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