5 знаменитостей, на чей Инстаграм не стыдно подписаться
It is not playboys, dancing on a yacht is a real man!

The Internet has changed our lives in many aspects, but perhaps one of the main things that he gave to humanity — the opportunity to get your “hour of glory” to anyone who has access to the Network. For some people it is, for some, it takes years to become a profession. There is nothing wrong, except, perhaps, one: in the Assembly of the network stars somehow lost the people from whom you can learn something, to learn something new, get some really interesting ideas. Those who would like to talk in real life.

So, while the whole world admires “the dancing millionaire” and his equally tanned colleagues dancing in panties, we invite you to subscribe to men whose accounts in the network Instagram represent little more than an endless narcissism and demonstration of a beautiful life.

Nathan Fillion

5 знаменитостей, на чей Инстаграм не стыдно подписаться

Network star of TV series “castle” and “Firefly” has the account @natefillion with the motto “Life is like broccoli. Don’t know if you’ll like it until you try it.” Fan, and after the closure of the iconic “Firefly” the object of the geek culture, Nathan Fillion thus enjoys a reputation as one of the most educated people in Hollywood. Nathan considered handsome, but we love him not for it, but for the incredible irony. And for goodness: Fillion — a generous philanthropist and often uses his popularity to promote a variety of charitable initiatives. Small, but expressive touch to the picture of Fillion that one day he received a letter from the girl whose dying grandmother was a big fan of Richard castle, and asked for an autograph, to please the old lady. Nathan took the trouble to fly to another city and personally visit the sick woman. And this story became known only thanks to the granddaughter of the shocked fans. Himself Nathan Fillion kept it a secret.

Luis Figo

5 знаменитостей, на чей Инстаграм не стыдно подписаться

43-year-old Portuguese footballer has already finished his playing career, but his account is still a lot of football — the sport remains a huge part of his life. But Nevermind, as a man open and clearly proud of their family, and often puts photos of his wife and children, with fun shows and shoots romantic scenery. Luis has been married for twenty years, he has three daughters. Figo and his wife Helen are consistently included in TOP 10 most beautiful “football” pairs. And they really look nice. Especially if you know how much effort, time and money those two spend on charitable activities, the object of their concerns are children from disadvantaged families.

Paulo Coelho

5 знаменитостей, на чей Инстаграм не стыдно подписаться

Account of the iconic Brazilian writer itself like a book. The author of “the Alchemist” puts fragments of drafts, favorite quotes, landscapes, figures and, of course, your own photos. The philosopher and the seer, Paulo Coelho is able to convey the mood of each day not only with his gift of writing, but also the tools that the Internet provides. Being one of the most successful writers in the world and certainly the most successful Portuguese-speaking author, Coelho is often criticized: he de and boring, and banal and too simple. Yes, rural landscapes, flowers and simple words do soothe rather than fun. But Paulo Coelho is not obliged to entertain us, for this, in the end, is Kim Kardashian.

By the way, don’t be afraid of the language barrier: knowing that Portuguese is not widely known, Coelho leads instagram in English.

Dr. Mike

5 знаменитостей, на чей Инстаграм не стыдно подписаться

Well, suddenly you are not subscribed to this charming guy People magazine has recognized the “Most beautiful doctor in the world.” Dr. Mike is really a podiatrist, and the star of Instagram and a host of blue-eyed husky named Roxy. Actually, that’s how they became famous a few years ago — a lonely young doctor and his dog in a romantic urbanism of new York.

Dr. Mike is an American doctor of Russian origin, and the first years of his life he was called Michael Warsaw. His parents then took little Mike in the United States, where he grew up, was trained and received medical degree. By the way, contrary to rumors, Dr. Mike is not the “Golden boy”: the educational loans he gives still. However, his account is a record of a happy man who loves his dog, his job and his life. Well, and myself. A little bit.

However, it would be unfair to blame Mike in the abundance of selfies, but instagram also appear medical weekdays, and American landscapes, and grateful patients, and of course the famous Roxy. Besides, his unexpected fame, a young doctor uses to good use: last year he created The Limitless Tomorrow Foundation, a charity organization that provides scholarships for young talented people who are not able to pay for education.

Jean Dujardin

The account of perhaps the most popular European actor is a real tribute of love and respect for French cinema. If you want to see private photos of, say, Claude Lelouch, you Dujardin. If you love Paris, too, to him. Want to watch the life of a typical, classic, a wholly-owned French — subscribe.

The fact is that, despite his Hollywood success, Jean Dujardin remains a classic French beret, scarf, ironic squint and the cult of love for their country. And some conservative — your Instagram actor updates infrequently, but leads his own, without the help of press secretaries. So, if you see on the page, something socially significant, you can be sure: you citizenship of Jean Dujardin.

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