5 лучших приложений для отслеживания менструального цикла

Mobile application for monitoring women’s health appeared relatively recently. The first major project in this field was the application to keep track of ovulation dates Glow, which was launched in August 2013. Today in the App Store and Google Play was hundreds of menstrual trackers SPLETNIK.RU figured out how not to get lost in all this variety.

Clue (the monthly subscription is 69 rubles)

Unlike most women’s calendars, the design of the app is quite minimalistic Clue: no you pink hearts and emoticons. The program performs a classic set of functions: predicts dates for your next period, warns of PMS and also calculates the days to get pregnant which are more or less likely. If you are worried that sensitive data can fall into the wrong hands, can be protected by the code. Caring is an interactive helper will even misleading, if your cycle is getting stuck, you should consult with your doctor. There is a strange function “share cycle”, you never know, partner wants to know literally everything about you (Yes, judging by the reviews online, there are such pairs).

5 лучших приложений для отслеживания менструального цикла

Flo (free)

Flo (from Aunt Flo is a slang name for menstruation in the US) not only tracks your period but also helps to find useful information about how the pregnancy and monitor the development of the baby. The app would recognize the symptoms, where it hurts, it hurts, what a selection, and offers articles on a particular occasion (if you’re interested, you can just turn this feature off) and gives good tips (for example, if you have back pain, the program will suggest to be tested for polycystic).

Also the robot-predictor offers to take a survey to know which another articles and tips to offer! Here you can even keep a pregnancy calendar to not miss any important dates. Personal data and easy to protect with one touch — using the fingerprint scanner. The design of the application can be changed at will. And now the best part — the app is completely free. In General, the interface is very user friendly, maybe that’s why the app trust has more than 55 million girls worldwide. By the way, not so long ago, the Board of Directors Flo was joined by Natalia Vodianova, who talked about the program in your Instagram.

5 лучших приложений для отслеживания менструального цикла

Lady Bell (free for the first three days, and then every month — 290 rubles)

Many believe that a women’s Lady Bell calendar from Kakadu Dev has absorbed all the best from similar apps, and even a little more. Despite the dozens of buttons to understand his work enough for five minutes. Lady Bell will remind you about taking vitamins, birth control or drugs, notify on “safe” days for sex, tell the day of the beginning of the fertile period and ovulation. Want live communication — go to the women’s forum, and if you need to consult a doctor, just send all information about your cycle to him by e-mail.

Useful and the feature “Graphics.” It is possible to track changes in weight, chest or waist (Yes, every day we need to update this data yourself, but then to perform trend will be entertaining). And it can be easily synchronized: if you bought a new phone and downloaded the app again, the data will not be lost.

Telegram-bot Solomia (free)

Of course, this is not the calendar management of menstruation in the literal sense. This is a guide created by the psycho-sexologist, coach and doctors (including a gynecologist and a nutritionist) that explains what processes occur in a woman’s body throughout the cycle. Describes how they affect the physical health and mood. Suggests how to adjust his leisure, sports, sex, and diet according to individual peculiarities. When you explore the app, it will prompt you to select a few topics: physiology, mood, energy, food, sex and sports (the last two positions and are paid two dollars, payable only once). Boat is available in two languages — Russian and Ukrainian.

5 лучших приложений для отслеживания менструального цикла

Eve Period Tracker (free)

Recently, the experts ranked the five best apps for tracking menstrual cycle, and so, Eve took the second place. The app not only gives you daily advice on sex and office pools, but also provides access to a forum to discuss issues related to health and the “red calendar days”. By the way, Eve is also quite interesting: a lot of useful information about IVF, egg freezing and fertility.

5 лучших приложений для отслеживания менструального цикла