5 beauty secrets of Anna Sedokova

5 секретов красоты Анны Седоковой
7days.ru figured out how the star singer is struggling with being overweight and what are the secrets of a healthy diet, she learned from the Indians.

Secret # 1. Totally against diets and eating habits

5 секретов красоты Анны Седоковой

“I grew up modest and diffident student, but still curly. Remember, constantly pestered the heavens: “why, dear God, you gave me curly?” Then I grew up, wised up and began to love myself”

Photo: Yuri Feklistov

Ex-soloist of “VIA gra” Anna Sedokova told 7days.ru,
that she is not dieting and is totally opposed to food restrictions. “On a diet
sat only once — seven years ago. Enough me exactly a day,” recalls
star. According to the stars, that day she brought home a puppy, which
he gave his elder daughter Alina (girl appeared on 8 December 2004,
when Anna was married to a Belarusian football player Valentin Belkevich —
Approx. ed.) “Alina asked, as we would call — with a smile said Sedokova. — I
looked at him with hungry eyes and said, “Let’s Roll…” for some
the craziness started with the word”.

This day was the first and the last, when
the actress sat on a diet. “Now I’m just trying meaningful approach to
your diet. For example, on spaghetti night I will not exactly there, but in the afternoon easily
can afford a small portion. Coffee and tea is drunk without sugar — I
sister taught. First spat bitterly, disgusted, and now not even
imagine how differently,” admitted Anya.

Secret # 2. Complies with the recommendations of a healthy diet Indians

Once in America Sedokova got into a conversation on the topic of healthy eating with the Indians. “He was over forty, but he
amazing look, and on the face — no wrinkles — shared with the 7D star. — This man told me about enzymes — the enzymes contained in raw
food and help to digest. Over time our skin thickens partly because
the fact that the processes of digestion in the body stop happening as it should”.
The Indian and opened Sedokova the secret of enzymes, and now she uses them in her diet.

“I prefer to get enzymes from natural products. For example,
buckwheat I do not cook, and pour boiling water over night — in the morning and get very
useful porridge. Same with oatmeal. But if raw almonds a day to hold in
water, it will turn into nutritious, rich in vitamins snack”, —
said Sedokova. In addition to fruits and vegetables, Anna loves white meat
Turkey or chicken and consider them the best dishes for dinner. “Salad in the afternoon is not good
bring: vegetables are difficult to digest, — says the artist. — Fruits for the night
more harmful — there is glucose, sugar. In General, if in the evening, tormented by hunger, protein
— what we need”.

Secret # 3. Weight prefers to run away

5 секретов красоты Анны Седоковой

“To the fitness trainers I already practically do not because I know everything. I have my exhaust set of exercises that I perform on the Mat”

Photo: Yuri Feklistov

According to Sedakova, it is a leading indicator of excess weight —
jeans. “As soon as they cease to climb — once I exhaust myself in the gym and not
rest until I return to that weight where I feel comfortable”, —
admitted Anna. Among her favorite sports — Jogging in the morning and visiting
gym. “The hardest thing is
to wear a tracksuit and sneakers, to go out and make the first step. And
then somehow by itself it turns out. In the hall is even simpler: you just give in
this sports atmosphere, you begin to physically feel worked out
your muscles, improving the body. If you get bored walking on a treadmill just
so, take a tablet and in the process of watching movies” — shared the singer
one of his secrets to great shape.

Training program Sedokova
is as follows: “Cardio take one hour, and then knead the muscles. Since
“glands” not very much, doing a set of exercises on the Mat. Then with a coach for Boxing. He praises me, says it right. By the way, I suggest
Boxing all girls — well he swaps hands. If during the break to do
squats and push-UPS, get solid, effective training.” Day, Anna, along with her daughters loves to go to the pool. “My mother gave me all of the section — from athletics to swimming, and thank her for this great — shared with 7days.ru singer. — Now, when I see fat children, I understand that it is absolutely the parents fault. If you notice that your son or daughter excess weight or poor posture, immediately give the child to swim, to dance, in a section of martial arts — a lot of variants”. His daughters — 11-year-old Alina and 5-year-old Monica (the father of the youngest daughter — Anna’s ex-husband, biznesmenski Cherniavsky — Approx. edition) — Harris teaches the sport and healthy eating since childhood. “Ala had used to do gymnastics, but now professionally engaged in tennis,” said Anna.

Secret # 4. Thoroughly caring for skin and hair

5 секретов красоты Анны Седоковой

“Before exposing your hair to heat treatment with a Curling iron, hair dryers or irons, I have something to protect — balm or serum. Another drink special vitamins for hair, it’s also important”

Photo: Yuri Feklistov

Sedokova loves cosmetics, cosmetologists do by themselves. “For example, Beverly hills has an excellent
beautician, Russian by nationality. Go to her star — Kim
Kardashian and jada Pinkett Smith, wife of will Smith, said “7 Days” Anna. —
Now, I really like the cream with aloe extract, one hundred percent
natural. Still in the mass production of creams, even expensive ones, have
all sorts of chemical additives, and here — organic, extractor fan. And the effect is stunning”.

The star also feeds the skin with serums with vitamins, which are applied under
basic cream. But hair that is constantly stressed out from the pilings and
perms, Sedokova literally have to save. “Before you expose
hair heat Curling iron, Hairdryer or irons, I have something
protect — balm or serum. Another drink special vitamins for hair, this
important, too,” he admitted. Star came to the Barber with
his medical mask. According to Ani, the cabin has klimazon which warms
the head and mask under the influence of heat can be absorbed better.

Secret # 5. Loves to smile, make the world smile

“On diets I do not sit, but try meaningful approach to your diet. For example, on the night of high-calorie meals certainly not going there, but during the day can make yourself some slack”

Photo: Yuri Feklistov

When Anna is asked whether she believed that will appeal to plastic surgeons, she is smiling! “Hope that one surgery will make you happy, not worth it, she says. — Then you have to do and the second one in the head. I am convinced: we must be able to feel beautiful and happy, then you will need a chain reaction”.

Life experience has taught the singer to lie on the couch waiting for a miracle, and “work, work and work on yourself”, But its main secret beauty Anya believes no healthy eating or sports, and the love of self. “Without faith in yourself and acceptance of yourself as you are, you won’t like, even if you weigh 45 kg”. That’s why she tries to smile more often. “Smile, lots of smiles and good mood. When you are good and smile — the world smiles to you in return.”

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