5 beauty recipes that you won’t spend money

5 рецептов красоты, на которые вы не потратитесь Beautician shared their secrets at all times. Following a few rules, any lady will be easy to keep the skin clean and fresh. These procedures can relieve women from having to refer to specialists.

    5 рецептов красоты, на которые вы не потратитесь

    Quickly transform the face without expensive procedures. Use effective recipes from leading Japanese beautician Cheese Saeki.

    Hot compress

    After walking in the cold the skin needs warmth. First, apply face cleansing cream or emulsion. Then wipe the skin with a damp cloth. Next, wet a towel with hot water, wring, wrap in a plastic bag and place it for 30 seconds in the microwave. Then remove the foil and put a towel on the face and ears for 3 minutes. Under heat will open the pores and prepare the skin for the application of serum, cream or mask.

    Honey lips

    5 рецептов красоты, на которые вы не потратитесь

    The poor condition of the lips can ruin the whole appearance. But the situation is easy to fix. Apply on chapped lips honey on top put a piece of plastic film and leave for 5 minutes. From cracking and peeling will not be over! And that lips become more vivid, mash stagnant lymph, pressing the pads of the thumbs on the lymph nodes behind the ears.


    5 рецептов красоты, на которые вы не потратитесь

    Sometimes the skin is too sweaty after sports, stay in a stuffy room, or as a result of stress. In this case, her suit of cold care. You will need a chilled wet towel, bottle of spray and ice. Clean the skin of makeup and apply a cold towel (by the way, this can be done each time after the morning wash). Then sprinkle the face with water, and swipe along the facial wrinkles with an ice cube, wrapped in foil. Apply the lotion to the skin, then a serum, especially on wrinkles, and secure the result with a cream or emulsion.


    5 рецептов красоты, на которые вы не потратитесь

    The purpose of the procedure is to allow the facial muscles in motion with minimal load on the skin. You will need a plastic bottle with a cannula (this can be purchased at art or tattoo parlors, as well as to order online). Fill it with distilled water and spray in the face, repeating the line of the muscles. Press the bottle with the power to make people feel a massage effect.

    The main movement is up and to the side. Massage the face with water in the following sequence: forehead, around right eye, right cheek, mouth, left cheek, around her left eye, down the nose and wings, then once around the entire face. Repeat the procedure twice.


    5 рецептов красоты, на которые вы не потратитесь

    Shower cap can do to your skin wonders if the steam mask. First, apply a lotion mask. Take a thin cotton cloth, dampen it with water and lotion and apply on face. Make the cap a few holes and put on top of napkins. Soak for 5-10 minutes. Cap will not allow the moisture to evaporate from the skin, that will penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. You will immediately notice that the face has become elastic.