49-year-old Valeria showed off a perfect body on the beach

49-летняя Валерия показала идеальное тело на пляже The singer showed a chic shape. Valeria shared with fans in Instagram vacation photo. The followers came to the delight of the perfect figure darling.
49-летняя Валерия показала идеальное тело на пляже

On the days Valeria, together with his family flew to rest in France. Relatives having fun abroad: walking, sunbathing, wining and dining in posh restaurants. The star of happy subscribers microblog bright images from the trip. One of them made the fans a special experience.

It large mom sunbathes in a bikini. Fans were delighted, seeing the toned body of a celebrity and her flat stomach. They said that he always knew about the slim figure of Valeria, but I had no idea that leather 49-year-old actress looks so perfect. Very beautiful signed frame very simply.

“Monday. On the beach anyone. Even though the weather has lasted for a few days while we are here.”

It is not surprising that the publication of the singer had gathered a bundle of “likes” and comments. Well-wishers have written dozens of messages of kind words and compliments for the idol. They praised Valerie for the reverent attitude to their appearance, fine taste and constant improvement. Some users of the social network admitted that after this frame I wanted to achieve the same result, as the idol.

“Here is a figure! Super! Admire you!” “You’re a gorgeous and wonderful people!” “She is perfect”, “at First I thought that this unknown girl is…”, “I am ashamed of your figure. You just statuetka, so beautiful!”, “Do not eat! I’m only 30 years old, but I look much worse. Bravo, Valeria, just Bravo!”, “You are my motivator! Successful, beautiful, wealthy, love, sing, lots of friends, three children, and now the figure of your dreams! We strive for the same result…” – he wrote to fans.

It should be noted that subscribers not only appreciated the form of a celebrity. Spouse of the singer Iosif Prigozhin loves the beloved. He repeatedly admitted that he is happy to be around such a talented, wise and beautiful woman like Valeria. In addition, on vacation last year, where the couple also went together, the man even didn’t recognize the attractive blonde wife. Leaving the hotel, a well-known producer saw a beautiful woman taking sun bath in separate suit. Only some time later Joseph realized who is in front of him.

“Wake up, go to the pool, and then this is. I looked closer and realized that it was my goddess never ceases to amaze me. I agree, lucky,” Prigogine wrote in the microblog.