49-летняя Мэрайя Кэри побывала в гостях на «Очень позднем шоу»

It was doubly beautiful and wonderful night for Mariah Carey! Songbird was stunningly beautiful in a sparkling gray dress to light up the Empire state building, and shortly after his arrival on the show was followed by her performance on the theme of Christmas in the “Very late show” with James Korden.
Queen of Christmas Mariah Carey, gave all present two glamorous holiday performances on December 17. At first it was a glittering silver dress that Mariah appeared enchanting to make a trip to the Empire state building, where she was solemnly lit skyscraper in new York. On the 25th anniversary of her album merry Christmas started a music and light show to the tune of the cult hit album “All You Want For Christmas Is You”.

49-летняя Мэрайя Кэри побывала в гостях на «Очень позднем шоу»
Festivities went smoothly in a pre-recorded performance of Mariah in the “Very late show” with James Korden, where the singer will be performing at the Christmas evening to show 17, 18 and 19 December! To begin this three-day festival with the spirit of Christmas and festive mood, Mariah took the stage late night show, James Corden on December 17 to perform his famous track 2010 “Oh Santa!” from the album “Merry Christmas II You” with the participation of a delightful group of young dancers in the background, topped by a sparkling red dress that Mariah graced the stage. Brilliant performance with the support of the orchestra and with the dancers of Santa Claus with swirling around the trumpeters. In the filming with the famous mother attended and twins Moroccan and Monroe, dressed in costumes of the little elves.
James was the first to surprise fans with his three-day musical guest on Tuesday morning. Ahead of a highly anticipated feast of the Nativity Carey has released a new video in honor of the Christmas holidays “All I Want For Christmas Is You”. Of course, fans were shocked by the show — especially considering that this is a big year for Mariah to return to our Christmas musical roots.
Just a day before Mariah came on the scene in the “Very late show”, it was announced that her holiday video “All I want for Christmas is you” peaked at No. 1 in the Billboard “Hot 100” — on the 25th anniversary of the song, nothing more to wish impossible! This is the first time classic hit singer won the coveted spot since its release in 1994. Thanks to this event, Mariah entered the history of music, having a record of the songs from the No. 1 position in the Billboard “Hot 100” as a solo artist (all 19 tracks).

Like Mariah anticipating all the great things that she will have this Christmas season! Right after we turned our calendars from Halloween to November 1, Songbird also celebrated the upcoming holidays approaching, clearing a cute parody, which included a phone call from Santa Claus and, of course, a fragment from the film “All I want for Christmas is you.”

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