49 – year-old Kylie Minogue fell in love again!

49- летняя Кайли Миноуг влюбилась снова!
The singer showed a new boyfriend.

Kylie Minogue


Just six months after the controversial breakup with her fiancé, Joshua Sasse — 49-year-old Kylie Minogue looks happy again and in love. Recently she appeared in public with her new man while reporters to identify failed.

Paparazzi caught Minogue, who looks much younger than his age, and still boasts a virtually flawless figure, during her walks through the streets of London. Sputnik Kylie is a tall man of middle age looks like was not at all embarrassed by the presence of photographers. He did not react to their appearance, without even trying to remove the hand that gently hugged Minogue’s shoulders. And Kylie, dressed in a t-shirt and denim overalls, he didn’t smile and made no attempt to hide from the cameras. Reporters followed the couple and found that their walk ended in a romantic dinner in the restaurant, specializing in Italian cuisine.

Apparently, Kylie has quite recovered from the traumatic breakup with Sasse, whom she was convicted of adultery — a Spanish actress Marta Milan. Angered by the treachery of the suitor, whom she was going to get married soon, Minogue kicked Joshua from his home in West London. Although the gap was given to her is not easy, to survive it has helped Kylie to her natural optimism. “Reflecting on how my life develops, I prefer to think that my glass is still half full, not half empty! And I haven’t succeeded yet cosy family home with a white picket fence, I know how to love and was not loved again!” the actress said in a recent interview.

Recall that earlier this summer, Minogue stand out in the company of another man — her ex-boyfriend Olivier Martinez, but, as it turned out, it was a purely friendly meeting.