49-year-old Julia Roberts again recognized the most beautiful

49-летнюю Джулию Робертс снова признали самой красивой

At 23, long-legged star of the film “Pretty woman” appeared on the cover of the issue “Most beautiful people”. It was in 1991. Then the fame of charming Roberts has spread all over the world because on account of the attractiveness of Julia, especially in the context of the above-mentioned film, no doubt. This year Julia is once again awarded the title of the most attractive Hollywood stars.

People magazine named her most beautiful woman in 2017. As noted in the publication, Roberts was awarded this title in a record fifth time. Julia admits that she doesn’t believe this is happening to her, given that she’s not young, and taking into account the dominance of Hollywood’s young Actresses.

By the way, recently in a conversation with journalists from Marie Claire, Roberts admitted that real life she’s not sensitive about his appearance and sometimes even forgets to look in the mirror: You know, I sometimes leave the house and realize that you never looked at yourself in the mirror before leaving. And I think this is the right attitude to life.”

Interestingly, Julie says the state of absolute happiness on her visits when her husband is near. According to Roberts, these emotions lend her charm and beauty: “When my husband comes home, it’s like a recurring dream. I’m happy!”.

Recall, Julia and Daniel Moder married July 4, 2002, in the fall of 2004 the couple gave birth to twins: a boy Phineas and girl hazel. The third child in the family the Roberts-Moder was born in June of 2007, the boy was named Henry.