49-year-old Alika Smekhova boldly posing in bikini

49-летняя Алика Смехова смело позирует в бикини The actress shows postroynevshaya figure in Cannes. The star never misses an opportunity to prove that in adulthood a woman can look sexy. Unless, of course, carefully watching him. Fans call him Smehova the standard of beauty.

Actress Alika Smekhova these summer days working with his sons on the French Riviera. In Cannes, the star is enjoying the hot sun, the sea, the local beauty, not forgetting to demonstrate to the fans and their charms.

Alika Smekhova shared with subscribers a snapshot of what her microblog appear infrequently. In the photo the actress in March, which next year will celebrate its 50th anniversary, posing on a white boat while walking on the sea. From clothes to Alec only a bikini and hat. The is full of eroticism and romanticism at the same time. Judging by the fact that the skin Aliki it doesn’t look glossy, it was done without photoshop that just adds value to this picture. The star was accompanied by frame touching poem women’s Veronica Valley. It is worth noting that fans of Aliki appreciated her fine figure, and verse. They love forms the actress who gets more beautiful and slimmer. Alik Smehova called the standard of female beauty that does not cause irritation.

“Well Done, Alec! Body super!”, “Poetry and women’s Alika itself femininity”, “the standard of female beauty!”, “Stunning and delightful”, “Charming, stunning! Figure, swimsuit is just gorgeous, You know, it is very difficult to become a man who inspires, amazes, and not angry. You are gorgeous, I adore you”, “I Admire you! Slim and beautiful woman. How much effort at all? Clever”, – admire alikay Laughter her fans.

A actress is not a natural gift but the result of constant work on oneself. Alika Smekhova carefully monitors the figure. She visits Wellness clinics and adheres to a power system. Interestingly, in one interview, the singer said that she is irritated by the word “diet” as it relates to restrictions and violence against the body.

As for physical activity, the artist has always loved the pool, and in his youth was seriously engaged in swimming. In recent years she was doing yoga. It attract the group, and individual lessons with an instructor. For those who have no money or time for a personal trainer, Smekhova recommends Hiking at a fast pace or rise of the floor, not the Elevator, and the stairs.