49 on the eve of the birthday of Olga Kabo has published my photo in a swimsuit

Накануне 49 дня рождения Ольга Кабо опубликовала свое фото в купальнике
The actress is striking in its physical form.

Olga Kabo

Photo: @olga_kabo/Instagram

Olga Kabo in a week will celebrate its 49th anniversary. However, the mother of two children is in such physical shape that her photographs in the open bathing suits can be the envy of girls half her age.

While the actress stresses that seeks to model the shapes with the help of regular exercise in the gym and proper nutrition. In particular, it recommends replacing when cooking pancakes and desserts of the usual wheat oat bran finely ground. Another trick from Olga Kabo, who helps her to Shine on the red carpet in dresses with no sleeves, this crisp Laundry gum. It can be used instead of the expander to swap hands.