48-year-old Pamela Anderson returned to “Baywatch”

48-летняя Памела Андерсон возвращается в команду «Спасателей Малибу»
The actress prepared for filming in a revealing swimsuit.

48-летняя Памела Андерсон возвращается в команду «Спасателей Малибу»

Pamela Anderson

48-летняя Памела Андерсон возвращается в команду «Спасателей Малибу»

Kelly Rohrbach

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Fans of the stars playboy
— Pamela Anderson goes wild! 48-year-old model and actress will appear again on the screens
television in his famous red swimsuit. Pamela, after much persuasion, agreed to star in the remake of the TV series “Baywatch” to the “big” screen, original version
which many years ago brought Anderson international acclaim.

“She was a real
the star of a whole generation of TV viewers. There is, as always incredible
Pamela Anderson! Welcome home!” — wrote in his microblog actor Dwayne Johnson, who is also the producer of the remake of “Baywatch”. Rumors
that star playboy may reappear on screen in the audience favorite the way, went for
for a long time. But official confirmation did not appear. It was known that Pamela and
the management crew were complex and protracted negotiations. The fact is
what actress didn’t want to subscribe to the role that writers have come up for Anderson original. 48-year-old Pamela never wanted she got “old woman”, as she
decided, role — against the backdrop of young beauties in bathing suits. As a result, the star still
made to the script was rewritten, and she would once again be able to defile in front of
the cameras in her famous red bathing suit. After all, despite her age, the star of playboy is in good shape and likes to boast of it at every opportunity.

However, on set
the site was one person that the emergence of Anderson was, to put it mildly, not
I’m very glad. Ex-girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio — Kelly Rohrbach, which from the beginning
filming all referred to him as “the new Pamela” was very upset by the decision
guide to add to your team a true “icon”. By the way, they say that DiCaprio helped Rohrbach models and yet the young actress — to get the cherished
role in the remake of “Baywatch”.

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