48-year-old Catherine Zeta-Jones has appeared in a translucent dress

48-летняя Кэтрин Зэта-Джонс вышла в свет в полупрозрачном платье
The daughter of actress rose her copy.

Catherine Zeta-Jones and daughter Carys


48-year-old husband Michael Douglas
impressed the guests of the fashion show Dolce & Gabbana in new York, appearing there in a slinky
dress seems to be modest but at the same time
enabling it effectively to show your figure. Thanks deep
neckline, Catherine Zeta-Jones showed ample Breasts. And translucent
lace skirt allowed the actress to show still slender legs.

Interestingly, on the show, Catherine did not come alone
and with her 14-year-old daughter Caris. And
guests couldn’t help but notice that the girl, more and more
becoming like her mother. As for brother Caris — 17-year-old
Dylan, that he, like Michael, wife Catherine, that day on the show was not.

We will remind, recently Zeta-Jones shared
old photos from the family album, placing it beside the newly made
the. The juxtaposition of these two images allowed us to notice how the children have grown
Catherine and Douglas. The couple managed to raise great children, who with
love to travel in the company of parents. This year alone they have already
to visit India, Vietnam, Thailand and Hong Kong.

By the way, the eldest son of Michael, the stepson of Catherine, finally
pleased the father. Cameron, who served time in prison for drugs,
embarked on the path of correction, but still managed to bring happiness to Michael, making him
first time grandfather. 39-year-old son Douglas became a father of a daughter, Lua, which gave birth to him
his girlfriend Vivian.