47-летняя Варум показала фигуру как у 20-летней

The singer gathered his friends and colleagues to the presentation of his new album, recorded together with Igor Krutoy.

Anzhelika Varum is not a frequent guest at society parties, she rarely indulges fans premieres of songs, and because every step and the release will automatically become popular topic. Recently, the singer presented her new album, recorded together with composer Igor Krutoy. He wrote the music, she lyrics for the songs. And as such, we still Varum didn’t know. But, as we know, the talented person is talented in everything. And singer was also a good poet.

“Igor Yakovlevich was an anniversary, 60th anniversary, he called me and said that I wanted in my repertoire to see a few more of his songs – told Woman’s Day Angelika Varum. — Sent some material, I listened and realized it was a little bit not mine. Called Igor and honestly admitted it. “Manya (the singer is actually named Maria. — Approx. WDay), he says. — What would you like to sing?“ And then I was in love with the album Lara Fabian, music for which was also written by Igor. It would like to sing. Igor said, “Manya, this is the voice music.” “Igor, I have overcome lyrics,” I promised him. Shook hands. I wrote a few Russian texts for the same music he listened to and offered to do a whole album”.

“Was it like working with Igor is very easy, – continued the story Varum. — He is a man of very delicate and like all creative people are sensitive, therefore a good understanding of these characters as I do. Because I’m very easy to shoot down a little bit, to bring out of balance, I am a doubting person. I have never shown anyone my poems, Igor was the first. Although some of the poems I had two or three years. I hope that this album will resonate in the hearts, especially the female population, and we will show a joint concert with Igor and otkatal it around the country and abroad”.

Of compliments this evening honored not only the poetry of Angelica, but also its appearance. Varum, of course, never suffered from the problems of excess weight, she’s always been thin and slender. However, the fact that she manages to change in size for many years, can not but admire! Figure 47-year-old actress is the envy of any 20-year-old lady who three times a week going to the gym, to limit himself in all and weighed every day. Secret also the perfect figure of Angelica is much simpler: it’s all about the water.

“I am a person very restless, and people like this are usually subtle, such as I, smiled Varum. — In General, the most important is sleep and water. I can sleep 20 hours, that’s how much I’ll have free hours, I will sleep. All wonder. Plus a large amount of water, and to swim I love.”

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