47-year-old Nargis has shown detractors your strong rear

47-летняя Наргиз показала недоброжелателям свой крепкий тыл
The singer surprised fans with an extravagant response to negative feedback from the haters.

Nargiz Zakirova

Photo: Instagram

In response to the attacks of enemies Nargiz Zakirova
demonstrated their firm buttocks. So there’s no doubt that
what she really meant, the singer has made the appropriate entry on
the personal page in a social network under the photo, where she poses with her back to
the audience. However, understand it could only English-speaking Internet users
or people who speak English.

“If you say mean things behind my back, are you
perfect position to kiss my flawless ass! So
here you go, guys!” is literary translation is very impulsive statements
star. Fans of the actress was appreciated not only humor but also
stunning figure, 47-year-old Zakirova.

“This is the grandmother of a 3-year old grandson?!
Wow! Nargiz, you — the man is a masterpiece of rare beauty woman! You are the
a worthy example to follow, not only for their own wonderful children, and
in General, young people literally in all respects! Love it!” — wrote
under the post, one of podeschi microblog Nargis. The girl immediately hot
was supported by other fans of the stars of “the Voice”.