46-летняя Мария Миронова родила второго ребёнка
46-year-old actress Maria Mironova told the happy news to Instagram.

46-летняя Мария Миронова родила второго ребёнка

On the page Mary wrote:

“Our Greek miracle came into the world.”

46-летняя Мария Миронова родила второго ребёнка

“#this leg who should foot” jokes in the tags Maria, the first publishing imprint of the feet of the baby.

Recall that the kid’s dad was the same age as the first son of Maria Mironova 27-year-old Andrey Soroka. In anticipation of the birth Mironov wrote about her husband in Instagram:

“Let’s dispel the Myth” my Dear, while on maternity leave, having a lot of free time, I was just curious to see what adults, educated people working in journalism can be reached. As it turned out to – handle! In order to stop this circus tent want to make an official statement to my dear followers and many reputable press: In my storys slipped leg, I want to assure you that this foot – “the one Leg” is the first (see 2nd and 3rd photo), in order to dispel all remaining doubt want to state for the record that my official marriage took place in Greece more than a year ago, after two years of living together, namely on the island of Santorini.

I plan to give birth in our favorite country, namely Greece. My official husband and father of my unborn child is the development Director at the Russo – Japanese companies involved in medical technologies (not boat building and not acting))), he is NOT JAPANESE))), in order to avoid misunderstandings, his name is Andrew(according to numerous requests from my subscribers)) he is indeed the namesake of my son and even the father!!! Hooray, you press at least something I guess! Respect. All of the above, there are official certificates, which will not interest our printed publications, as they in spite of everything, always an opinion”.

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