45 years ago came the film “Russian field”, which became mystical for Nonna Mordyukova

45 лет назад вышел фильм «Русское поле», ставший мистическим для Нонны Мордюковой
The tragic episode of the picture fatally repeated in the life of the actress.

Nonna Mordjukova with his son Volodya in the film “Russian field”

Photo: Mosfilm-info

7 Feb 1972 premiere “Russian
the field” from Nonna Mordyukova one of the main roles, and the son of her character Theodosia
Promoveu played the son of actress Vladimir Tikhonov. In total they have four joint
work, but this film was mystical for Nonna Victorovna. In the story, the character
Tikhonov Philip Ugryumov killed while serving in the army, and Theodosia his
the funeral leaning over the coffin, lamenting: “get Up, son!”. After 19
years, Nona Viktorovna buried son did not in the movie, but in real life, and many who
Vladimir accompanied the last journey, recalled the tragic episode of the picture.

Vladimir Tikhonov, recall, is the only son of the star
cinematic couples Nonna Mordyukova and Vyacheslav Tikhonov, followed in the footsteps of
his famous parents. But, unfortunately, his career cannot be called
successful. Besides, he suffered from drug addiction. Nonna V.
fought for your son as he could, but to save him failed. Vyacheslav
V. the time has long had another family, but her son, he continued
to communicate. Vladimir even participated in the documentary film “Profession – actor” the art of Vyacheslav
Tikhonov, where the actor also told
Sergei Bondarchuk, Aleksey Batalov, Vsevolod Sanaev and other stars of the Soviet

Vladimir Tikhonov died at age 40. In his filmography
about 20 works. He was married twice, first marriage with the actress Natalia Varley,
a son, Basil, in a second marriage with a dancer Natalia Yegorova, had a son