45-летняя Ларса Пиппен в розовом бикини на пляже в Дубае

Incredible tanned body Larsa Pippen simply does not leave indifferent neither one subscriber! The TV star shared her latest picture on his page on Instagram, which clearly showed a slim figure in a bright pink bikini on the beaches of Dubai.
Time for vacation in Dubai – all for a 45-year-old Larsa Pippen, who enjoyed the bright sun and hot sand on 17 December, when she posted a hot new photo in your account in Instagram. Lars looked quite spoiled by the sun in the picture, which showed us as she looks back over her shoulder and showing his back to the camera. Hot pink bikini Larsy perfect to her body and accentuating her delicious shapes and silhouettes, while eyes covered by sunglasses, and also collected the hair in a comfortable beach hairstyle playful ponytail at the top of the head, and the lower section of hair smoothly on the shoulders. “My time in Dubai,” she wrote. But as you know fans, this is nothing new for stunning star!

45-летняя Ларса Пиппен в розовом бикини на пляже в Дубае
Since December 3, Lars because I was abroad in Abu Dhabi again demonstrated their awesome figure to your fans and followers on Instagram together with her in the picture was also attended by special guests! This time it was a real maiden trip, which was organized by Lars posing for photos in a bikini with colorful print from si and wear along with buddies Crushem Acamana and Caroline Stanbury. “Keep my shadow, and I live in the rays” — boldly signed Lars your picture zapechatlevshie stay in Abu Dhabi. Her press was shown for everyone to see in the pictures, while her sense of style was, as always, was immaculately.

In her visits abroad is really can trace a perfect background for demonstration only part of the options of the best images of Larsa. While in Abu Dhabi, Lars demonstrated his love, taste and flair for fashion in a sexy denim mini dress that perfectly emphasized her chiseled body. Denim comfortable waist Larsy and gave very definite value of the line of her Breasts. Short sleeves with a slight cap at the shoulder was the perfect casual dress that Lars combined with simple and cute necklace and white sneakers.
Game with images of Larsa in Instagram really discussed the last few weeks, when she Chronicles her visits abroad. Fans can’t wait to see what she will share with the fans on!

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