45-year-old Jude law will become a father for the sixth time

45-летний Джуд Лоу станет отцом в шестой раз
A friend of the actor is expecting a baby!

Jude law and Philip Koan

Photo: Splash News/East news

As reported by overseas media, 30-year-old mistress
Jude law — Philip Koan pregnant. This became known to the reporter newspaper of Life and Style. Though
currently Philip has not yet overcome the period of morning sickness and feels
no matter, she and 45-year-old Jude is quite happy. According to the available
information, a Koan must have at the end of September.

Philip and Jude began
to meet about three years ago. For the first time about their romance began in March of 2015,
when the paparazzi managed to photograph them together. However, Jude was not trying to hide
their relationship. On the contrary, he was very proud of what he not only
beautiful and intelligent girlfriend. After all, Philip — the doctor of psychological Sciences! Since
since they started Dating, lovers often traveled together. They had been together in Rome and Paris.

flying three-year low came to the conclusion that a Koan is that girl with
which he would like to spend the rest of my life. In addition, Jude was impressed
how wonderful Philip is driven by his own children what he did
the conclusion is that it will be a great mother and with her children. Recall:
the lo is already almost a children’s “hockey team”: during his life he managed to father five children. Three — Rafferty,
Iris and Rudy were born to him in marriage with his ex-wife Sadie frost. Daughter
Sofia gave birth to his girlfriend Samantha Burke. And another daughter — Ada —
blessed his other girlfriend Catherine Harding. Moreover, Jude honestly
pay child support on all his children.