43-year-old Vasilisa Volodina asked to assess her figure in a swimsuit

43-летняя Василиса Володина попросила оценить её фигуру в купальнике
Host of the show “let’s get married” published daring photos.

Vasilisa Volodina

Photo: @vasilisa.volodina Instagram Vasilisa Volodya

Vasilisa Volodina leads microblog, which shares her astrological forecasts and practical advice. But sometimes she posts online and the more personal publications. For example, the other day she shared with fans a photo in a bathing suit. In the comments to bold picture Vasilisa asked to rate the frame and put her for daring “like”.

“Put “like” for the courage of a girl in a swimsuit!” — reads the caption under the photo of Volodya.

In fact, published the was to attract the attention of its subscribers to the next forecast. “Began a new lunar month, and I’m waiting for a new life! The wonderful feeling that everything is just beginning, everything is ahead, so many have! Now it makes sense to think about what to change, upgrade, equip, improve and how to make the first step in a happier direction!” — sure 43-year-old Volodin. Fans Vasilisa, as always, took her advice into consideration, and at the same time I appreciate her beautiful appearance.

Recall that Vasilisa grow two children: 16-year-old daughter Victoria and two-year-old son Vyacheslav. And if the heir Volodina sometimes brings out, the son she had not yet presented to the public. She does not publish his photos online and is not taking the baby to social events.