43-year-old Heidi Klum boasted a flawless figure

43-летняя Хайди Клум похвасталась безупречной фигурой
The model went fishing Topless.

Heidi Klum


Heidi Klum never
secret that likes to take pictures Topless. According to the model, sense of proportion
not cheating on her, and she never reveals too much. As for her
figures, she has every right to be proud of. Although Klum in June will celebrate
your already
44th birthday her form are the envy of many 20-year-old

Recently Heidi decided
to rest: she went with her children
– 12-year-old Helen(boyfriend Flavio Briatore), 11-year-old Henry, 7-year-old Lou, and 10-year-old Jordan (all three from the ex-wife of Power) to the Caribbean. Went with Heidi
holiday and her regular boyfriend — 30-year-old Vito artdealer his Nose. Here it is
plenty sunbathe on the beach, showing an impressive collection
bikini and perfect fit. And while Klum was basking in
the sun and splashing in the waves, Vito developed his skills surfer.

And later, sending children with
nanny home, Heidi went only with Vito in San-Jose (Costa Rica). Here
they continued their vacation is just the two of us. And one day, when Klum
gathered a bit of fishing from a rental boat, she decided that maybe
to do with minimal clothes. In the end she dovil fish is virtually “Topless” — dressed only in the lower part of one of the
their bikini and scarf, casually draped over their shoulders. Vito took a picture of it on
memory, and the resulting picture she tweeted.

By the way, Klum absolutely
ignoring the taunts of his detractors about the impressive difference in age
between her and Vito, with whom she meets for almost 3 years. “We are well
understand and love each other, we well and have fun together. And for me not to have
no matter what the people say about us, because we’re having a wonderful time
together — and that’s all that matters!” said Heidi last year in one of his