42-летняя Олеся Судзиловская свела фанатов с ума снимком в бикини
The actress boasted a sexy figure.

Olesya Sudzilovskaya

Photo: @olesya_sudzilovskaya Instagram Olesya Sudzilovskaia

Olesya Sudzilovskaya became a mother just seven months ago, but already boasts a stunning figure. Recently a 42-year-old actress has published in the microblog the bold in red bikini, which in a few minutes turned out to be the center of attention of her fans.

“Good morning everyone! On my core work, we remove volume in the abdomen, and return the form. So always want to be in one place had lost, and in another below and left!” — admitted Sudzilovskaya, alluding to his luxurious bust.

Among other things, to achieve such results, the artist was greatly helped by dietary restrictions due to breastfeeding. For example, for the seven months Olesya was not drunk nor one Cup of coffee. By the way, almost all summer, the actress spent with his family in Ibiza, which likely also contributed to this rapid weight loss.

Husband Sudzilovskaia — Sergei Zebani, the achievements of his wife, probably, infinitely happy. He was even in the vacation continues to pamper his beloved with bouquets of flowers and declarations of love. Not so long ago the couple celebrated the tenth anniversary of Dating. Although, the couple behind the already great experience of life together, Sergei tries to please her romantic surprises almost every day.

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