42-year-old Ksenia Alferova became a grandmother

42-летняя Ксения Алферова стала бабушкой
The actress showed a photo of two-month baby.

Ksenia Alferova

Photo: Instagram.com

Ksenia Alferova has recently published a touching picture with tiny baby hands. Fans rushed to congratulate the actress on the birth of a child, suspecting that she became a mother. However, it turned out that it was not the daughter of the actress and her colleague at the crew. In addition, throughout Alferova got the role not her mom, as suggested by fans, and… grandma!

Incidentally, the screen “granddaughter” Xenia just two months. However, on the set, according to her, the baby was acting surprisingly calm and quiet. However, the grandmother of the girl, too, “went” pretty young. By the way, fans surprised by the fact that 42-year-old Alferov plays the scenario to someone’s grandmother. “You don’t look like a grandmother!”, “Yes, what of you grandma, you are still quite young!” commented subscribers.

Let’s remind, that Xenia and her real husband, Yegor Beroev teenage daughter Eudocia. However, grandchildren to wait until you have, as she is still a schoolgirl. By the way, this year the couple will soon celebrate a crystal wedding. Alferov lives in harmony with her husband for 15 years!