42-year-old Elena Zakharova showed off a perfect figure in a bikini

42-летняя Елена Захарова показала идеальную фигуру в бикини The actress posted a few seductive shots from the beach. Elena Zakharova is completely back in shape after childbirth. Fans do not get tired to admire the harmony of the stars.
42-летняя Елена Захарова показала идеальную фигуру в бикини

8 Dec 2017 Elena Zakharova again became a mother. The actress gave birth to a daughter, as told in the social network. The young woman decided not to advertise personal life, so in her Instagram photos don’t appear beloved man or newborn girl.

Instead, Zakharova prefer to share pictures from various events. Recently, the actress visited the festival “Kinotavr”. In between events, the young woman spent time on the beach. One of the photos made in Sochi, impressed the fans of Mary. The fact that the actress appeared in a blue bikini, which emphasized her perfect, trim figure.

“Thank you “Kinotavr” for a true holiday movie,” signed seductive stills Zakharova.

Fans were delighted from the look of Elena in a swimsuit. “You have just the perfect figure! Share the secret of harmony”, “I can’t believe you six months ago became mother” “Immediately obvious that she is working on her body. The taut tummy, shapely legs” – opinions of fans of Zakharova.

Earlier, the actress has repeatedly posted photos from the gym. Apparently, the star of a lot of time on sports to keep in shape.

“First training after a long break. How much fun,” shared his emotions with Elena a few months ago.

Exercise and diet have produced results, and in the end, Zakharov was able in record time to get back in shape. Now the actress often attends various social events, emphasizing the dignity of the figure through slinky dresses. So, at the closing of “Kinotavr” Elena appeared in a feminine white outfit, which many fans seemed incredibly elegant.

But the details of growing up daughter, the actress is in no hurry to share. In between secular events and filming, she spends time with the baby. Previously, the star spoke about wanting to stay longer in the decree, but apparently are unable to be separated from his beloved work.

Recall that the Zakharov first became a mother in 2011. However, eight months later, her daughter Anna Maria died of acute viral infection. The tragedy was a great shock to Helen. It took her a long time to believe again in love and decide to have a pregnancy.

The artist herself has repeatedly held that only faith in God helped her not to fall into despair. Now Zakharov tries to fully enjoy motherhood.