41-летняя Алла Довлатова демонстрирует тело в бикини Radio presenter posted pictures with guests. Alla Dovlatov spends time on the coast of the Black sea. Fans were amazed by the slender figure of a celebrity and gave her many compliments.

      41-летняя Алла Довлатова демонстрирует тело в бикини

      Many stars of Russian show business periodically indulge their followers with photos from holidays on a Sunny beach. Some celebrities are not shy to show all the charm of the figure and appear in front of the fans naked, and someone puts photos in bathing suits. Radio host Alla Dovlatova decided to share the photos in a bikini with followers on numerous social networks.

      Now the celebrity spends time on the coast of the Black sea. On pictures Alla appeared before the fans in a swimsuit and hat, she hastened to justify himself before all the mods.

      “You could see me now Vlad Lisovets – the living room would have left for the hat! He was with me and told everyone in detail what hats are in this season, and I have a hat at home, forgot I had here in Nebug to buy. Well, there is no such hat! Vlad! Sorry – was a radio host wrote in the microblog.

      41-летняя Алла Довлатова демонстрирует тело в бикини

      However, fans were quick to assure that in a swimsuit with a shape on the hat Dovlatova, hardly anyone will pay attention. “Figurine-candy”, “Yes, the hat really, sorry, ugly, but a bikini! After his hat already and no one is looking,” he hastened to assure her loyal fans.

      Apparently, the celebrity is now very happy with my appearance and figure. Not so long ago, she complained to fans that due to a busy work schedule does not have time to exercise in the usual way. Last fall she participated in the show, but in order to go to the podium, she had to resort to the diet.

      “I arrange a fasting days on unsalted rice with grated Apple. Complained about yesterday to her daughter that very hungry and she asks me: “Mom, why are you torturing yourself?” And I answered her: “dashulya, you know, showing all the models are so thin! Next to them I’ll be shy – just look at the background twice”. And she said to me: “That’s bullshit! Yes, they are all girls, im twenty years old, who you will be with them to compare?”. And the truth, and I like it even in a head did not come. And once it became easy and calm the soul,” said Alla in Instagram.

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