40-year-old Svetlana Zeynalov went on maternity leave

40-летняя Светлана Зейналова ушла в декретный отпуск
The lead anchor in the program “Good morning” on the Ground was taken by Anastasia Orlova.

Svetlana Zeynalov and Anton Privolnov

Photo: the First channel

One of the most charismatic leading First channel
Svetlana Zeynalova, which is tentatively in early summer, will become a mother for the second
times, gone on maternity leave. Its place in the program “Good morning” took
Anastasia Orlova. That Zeynalov again expecting a child, became known in
January. Even then, despite the short period, she decided to reduce the activity of the
at work and left the show “the Voice. Children”, which was conducted together with Dmitry Nagiyev
(recently Svetlana admitted that it was emotionally difficult for her
period). On the competition it was replaced by Agata muceniece.

However, Zeynalov continued to transmit “Good morning”, and only
this week she announced that she was leaving on maternity leave.

The father of the unborn child Svetlana — her civil
husband Dmitry. Unlike her ex-husband, program Director of “Nashe radio”
Alexei Glazatova, new choice Zeynalova is on good terms with her 8-year-old
daughter Alexandra (the girl has a particular in development).

“Mitya younger by a few years, and I’m scared
confused. We worked together, he sometimes came, nice chatting, but no more.
Once you get a TEXT from him: “Go after the wages somewhere to go?” And he
all this positive non-drinker and non-smoker. Think: why would I? Remember
this post is in response dashed: “Find yourself a young blonde woman with high Breasts,
which will look at you with your mouth open! It’s not me, you know? I have a child
with autism, the mortgage… I drank and sleep! All,” said Zeynalov in
exclusive interview with the magazine “Caravan of stories”. — Honestly, was
sure Mitya would not come. But he called: “Gathered clothes and food to you
forever.” And since then lives with us. Ex-husband comes once a week. Communicates
with Sasha. Now trying to understand her inner world. It is difficult for him, but he
is really trying. Sasha believes that she has a dad Alex and dad Mitya. And
only one mother!”