40-летняя Екатерина Гусева восхитила фигурой в бикини The actress is not shy to show my body. Recently noted the date of the circular star of the TV series “Brigada” slender as during the filming of this cult film from the early 2000-ies. Fans Guseva call her Catherine the Great.

      Popular actress that fans know and love for her roles in musicals, Ekaterina Guseva confirms the famous saying that “after forty the life only begins.”

      Star of the TV series “Brigada”, which is a little less than a month ago was forty years old, published in the microblog playful picture in which she poses in a swimsuit. Everyone can personally make sure that the form of celebrity hasn’t changed a bit since then, as she played in the film the wife of Sasha White. Chiseled figure and no hint of extra pounds. Meanwhile, Ekaterina Guseva, the mother of two children.

      Charms attached photo is the fact that the star is depicted without a hint of makeup. The picture was taken during a family holiday on a yacht, surrounded by water, and therefore very logical that the actress allowed herself to relax with family and to do without Macapa.

      Ekaterina Guseva, who never hid his age, looks very young, which immediately noted her fans who came to the delight from the seen pictures. They showered the actress with compliments and reward epithets, calling Catherine Beautiful and Gorgeous.

      “Katyusha, you’re cute”, “Kate, you’re an alien! On earth there is no such”, “the Most beautiful and the hottest Russian actress!”, “Catherine The Great! Beautiful Catherine”, – admire the beauty of her followers.

      By the way, this summer its forms had to boast of many stars, whose age has passed the mark of forty and even fifty years. Bold pictures from the beach shared Alika Smekhova, Alena Sviridova, Igor’s wife Olga Steep. 51-year-old wife of Igor Krutoy effectively posing in bikini

      Ekaterina Guseva grateful to receive compliments from fans, and requests to reveal the secrets of harmony, says that her figure is a gift of nature. On a diet, the actress is not sitting, but tries to lead a healthy lifestyle and sleep. Recently Gusev involved in musicals that have great success going on the stage. One of the brightest work of the actress – the role of Empress Catherine II in the musical “Graf Orlov”. And very soon the audience will see Gusev in the title role in the musical based on the novel by Leo Tolstoy “Anna Karenina”.

      As successful as the creative, it and life star. Ekaterina Guseva is now twenty years of happy married to businessman Vladimir Abashkin. The marriage produced two children. The son of the actress and her husband, Alex, fifteen, and daughter five years.

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