4-year-old son of Charlize Theron dresses like a girl

4-летний сын Шарлиз Терон одевается как девочка

Western parents unlike our domestic is very quiet about the choice of clothing their children. This trend in almost all celebrities. The main goal pursued in this education, freedom of expression.

Netizens previously were worried about the children of Angelina Jolie. Say, the eldest native daughter of the actress and brad pitt dresses weird too. When she increasingly began to make a choice in favor of boys things parents even consulted with a psychologist to make sure that their child is not in danger.

Now the criticism of Internet users will have to meet Charlize Theron.

4-летний сын Шарлиз Терон одевается как девочка

The Oscar-winning star was recently spotted with her adopted children for a walk. Charlize with a 4-year-old son Jackson and daughter August went to the children’s Halloween party.

Pink t-shirt, leggings, colorful tutu with sequins and cap with attached to it a long pigtail — not knowing, did not immediately realize that Charlize has a son. Users immediately noted that even though the Halloween holiday, the boy looked very strange. But the actress was a little worried about public opinion, it gives your child full freedom of expression.

To be fair, this isn’t the first time Jackson appears in public in a dress. Moreover, every time such outputs on a single mother Charlize falls a wave of criticism.

And you welcome such freedom of expression.

4-летний сын Шарлиз Терон одевается как девочка