4 правила ухода за лакированными туфлями и обувью с блестками

To look beautiful is difficult. It proves a lot of girls worldwide who spend daily time, effort and money to care. Closet stocked with stylish outfits, professional styling and a well kept manicure – it’s all part of the image that each girl is painstakingly working on.

An important part of the image is the shoes. Patent leather shoes and shoes with sequins complements the daily outfits of girls and men from around the world. Also, like other attributes, beauty, shoes requires proper care. 4 how to care for patent leather shoes and shoes with sequins will allow you to keep the garments for years to come.

Proper cleansing

Leather is an expensive material that requires special care. Shoes with sequins attractive, but capricious. Whimsical shoes loves the softness and care. To patent leather shoes remain shiny and smooth, use a soft materials:

  • Flannel cloths,
  • Velvet flap,
  • A soft sponge.

After returning from a walk in patent shoes, refrain from hard friction sponges smudges. Wipe with a dry or slightly damp cloth. Friction can disrupt the integrity of the coating and make it dull, and shoes with sequins will be less bright.

Proper drying

The weather can not keep up, and forecasts are not always truthful. Caught in the rain in your favorite lacquer or shining shoes is quite simple. Wet pair of shoes, do not rush to dry electric dryer. As shoes with sequins, patent leather can deteriorate.
The right thing would be to leave the shoes in a clean, warm and dry place. After a while the moisture will evaporate itself and shoes dry. Rapid drying can harm the Shoe!

Providing moisture

Despite the need for drying due to moisture on the shoes, as leather, patent shoes requires moisture. Periodically wipe the shoes with vaseline, castor oil or glycerin. The product should be washed off with warm water and wipe the shoes with a soft cloth. You will notice how the shoes instantly change the look, shiny and clean. These tips do not refer to each model with sequins. If sequins on a pair of voluminous and tend to come off, then don’t use a cleaning and wiping.

Proper storage

Special tips to care no, but the basics should always remember. Leave the shoes for storage in a dry place at room temperature. Avoid moisture and do not put your favorite shoes on the balcony. Sudden changes in temperature can cause damage to your shoes. Tamp the middle of thick paper and place the pair in the box.

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