381 kg of happiness: a British woman dumped a guy when she lost weight

381 кг счастья: британку бросил парень, когда та похудела

According to the guy in Georgia has turned into another FIFA, which is only interested in her looks and the numbers on the scale.

Not in beauty happiness! This phrase accurately describes the 23-year-old Georgia Davis. Far beyond XXL size, the girl was happy: part in TV shows, shooting for magazines and favorite people around!

One did not give her peace of mind… due to the extra weight the girl she had health problems. And GA in a hurry dropped 127 pounds! It would seem that the favorite had to be in seventh heaven from happiness. But no, he waved at Davis pen, saying that she doesn’t need him anymore, after all, turned into “one of many”.

I must say that Georgia weighed much more than the norm in high school. The girl even got the title of most fat Schoolgirls UK.

And the weight continued to increase. And reaching 23 years to 381 pounds and suffering from shortness of breath, the girl took itself seriously. Threw out from the refrigerator all the burgers, moved on to the vegetables and joined the gym.

There she met Matthew. The guy worked in the fitness center as a janitor and at first sight fell in love with a client there. At first everything was fine, until Davis achieved the first results in the fight against obesity.

“He always said that the most important is the common interests, aspirations, understanding and trust. And he doesn’t care how I look. I was grateful to him for it – says the girl. — But when I lose weight, he said that doesn’t know me. And I’m only interested in the sport and counting calories. And after some time he dumped me, saying that I was one of the stupid girls,” reports Mirror.

However, Davis is not going to be upset. Intends to continue to follow the figure. Especially that by the summer she hopes to weigh at all less than 100 pounds.

“And the most beautiful things I have yet to come,” she said.

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