36-year-old Kirsten dunst congratulations on the birth of their first child

36-летнюю Кирстен Данст поздравляют с рождением первенца The actress gave the child her fiancé Jesse Plemons, with whom she bonded on the set of the TV series “Fargo.” Good news, the Western media reported a source close to the lovers. Happy parents are in seventh heaven.
36-летнюю Кирстен Данст поздравляют с рождением первенца

36-year-old star of “spider-Man” and “Smile Mona Lisa” Kirsten dunst for the first time became a mother. As it became known to Western journalists, the actress and her fiancé, 30-year-old actor Jesse Plemons, who played in the TV series “breaking bad” and “Fargo”, there was a lovely baby. The insider said that over the weekend the couple had a boy.

A source close to the celebrities told that Kirsten and Jesse are very happy. The stars can’t get enough of the long-awaited emergence of a common child. According to correspondents, the baby was born healthy. Now a happy mom is recovering after the completion of the family and receives many congratulations from friends and fans from around the world.

“Things are just great,” said friends of dunst and Plemons.

The famous actress spoke about her pregnancy in January. Kirsten dunst chose to announce important news, taking part in a photoshoot for the American brand. The celebrity posed in the things of the stamps from the autumn-winter collection, stressing her changed figure. Fans were delighted with the photos of Kirsten and came to the conclusion that it is a very interesting position.

In a recent interview, dunst told that is ready to create family with the favourite person. “I’m at this stage of life, I work with three years. It’s time for me to have children and rest” – shared the actress. Apparently, the chosen one Kirsten had approved her choice and the couple has begun to translate plans into reality.

For the first time about the interesting position of the star began in December last year. About the same time, foreign journalists were told by a friend Kirsten. Each celebrity added that very soon, dunst and Plemons plan to legalize the relationship. The actors decided to get married this spring in Austin (TX). Preparing for a marriage ceremony, Kirsten invited friends-designers to create her wedding dress.

Recall that the relationship dunst and Plemons became known in may 2016. Kirsten started to date a co-worker in the shop a month later after I broke up with the star of the films “Troy” and “Tron Legacy” Garrett Hedlund. Dunst and Plemons met on the set of the TV series “Fargo.” At the beginning of 2017 Jesse made an offer to the chosen one. According to journalists, it happened on the day of awarding the prize “Golden globe”. Without thinking, Kirsten agreed.