34-летняя Бритни Спирс не стесняется носить микрошорты

The pop Princess joined the list of stars who dared to go out in ultrashort shorts.

And on the red carpet and in everyday life, Britney Spears is trying to show the world the high of the naked body. But if at different social events it shines in translucent lace toilets, but for the street chooses the less shocking kits. So, for example, 34-year-old singer was seen in a bold beach kit.

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The microsort is one of the most popular summer trends of many celebrities. However, not all stars look the same in both attractive and stylish. Britney Spears is clearly not too bothered choosing clothes for walking around the city. Judging by the pictures taken by the paparazzi, the taste of stars still leaves much to be desired. Her choice fell on a bright pink microsort, which she complements tight blue t-shirt-alcoholic and sneakers, put on thick white socks. Yes, the star’s style is far from ideal, but the body would be the envy of any 20-year-old! Britney Spears has worked hard on himself and returned to great form. However, a beautiful body is still not compensated for the lack of elegance and the ability to get dressed.

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