33-year-old Anne Hathaway became a mother for the first time

33-летняя Энн Хэтэуэй стала мамой в первый раз
The actress was surprised by the choice of name for his son.

Anne Hathaway on one of parties, devoted to “Oscar” for three weeks before giving birth

Photo: Splash News

As confirmed
press agent Anne Hathaway, the actress gave birth to her first child — a healthy and strong
the baby, in a hospital in Los Angeles. The most striking thing is that, as
it turned out the kid was born almost two weeks ago, but the parents of the boy
all this time I had managed by some miracle to keep secret his birth, even from the ubiquitous

Anne and her husband Adam
The Shulman named their baby Jonathan Robbins. The actress explained the unusual
the second name of the son: she and her husband made in two parts — the names of the members of their families.
Ann’s grandfather on the paternal side was Mr. Roslyn, and mother of Adam nee
was called Ms. banks.

Hathaway, which last fall celebrated its 33 years, has long been started
talking about how she wants to be a mother. But married to Adam she went out
back in 2012, and getting pregnant could not manage. Nevertheless, constantly
it was rumored that the actress is allegedly already expecting a child. Disproving another
such gossip in 2013, Anne said: “If you knew how I
really can’t wait to be a mom. Because all my girlfriends already for a long time to get

Ann now resides
in the seventh heaven of happiness. Her dream finally came true. Now she
it remains to work out his next plan as soon as possible to return
in its prenatal form. After all, the actress admitted that she gained a lot of extra
pounds during the pregnancy, and she was very worried about it. Anne even
told his friends that he thinks her husband is not over you because she
ceased to be as thin as before. In an attempt to avoid such a terrible
Exodus, the actress almost to the last day visited the gym. And just
a few weeks before the birth she was seen climbing with Adam on the steep slopes
mountains on their Sunday stroll…

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