31-year-old man tried to make himself Britney Spears

31-летний мужчина попытался сделать из себя Бритни Спирс

For many people plastic surgery is necessary in order to correct some flaws that prevent them from living For someone is a way to shock the audience, for example, enlargement of the bust to unnatural size. And someone turns to plastic surgeons to realize his dream. So did 31-year-old Brian ray from Los Angeles.

Guy is an ardent fan of the Princess of the pop scene Britney Spears. Love to the singer last half of his life. But brown does not live as an ordinary fan. He does not present his idol flowers, not Spears loaded with presents gifts not to invade her house (many of the stars were faced with such a manifestation of fan love), T. p. ray became my idol in the truest sense of the word.

31-летний мужчина попытался сделать из себя Бритни Спирс

To achieve maximum similarity with Spears brown has undergone 90 plastic surgeries and spent on this thing about 80 thousand dollars.

Brown did rhinoplasty, laser hair removal of the face, increased lips, do not forget about the fillers in the cheeks and Botox.

Maintaining effect “Britney Spears” is very problematic task: Brown has to undergo laser hair removal every two months, once every six months to inject Botox, but four times a year to adjust the shape of the lips. Every month, a man spends about $ 500 to care for your skin.

It seems to us, the similarities with idol Brown never managed to achieve. 31-year-old man more like Justin Bieber . And what do you say?