30-year-old Nastassja Samburski struck deep wrinkles

30-летняя Настасья Самбурская поразила глубокими морщинами
The actress has published a new photo.

Nastasya Samburski just loves to shock the public with his behavior. She could easily “send away” any subscriber for the negative review, the counterpart to “impose” language and even her husband for the slightest misdemeanor to drive home…

Special attention to the actress always pays to his appearance. She does sports weight training equipment and strength and muscle nakaconnect can compete with many representatives of the stronger sex. She can’t stand criticism about their body, but in all that touches her face, Nastasia herself much of a joke!

What is her favorite character named Kuzminichna! Samburski in a short blonde wig on camera talks about the values and events in the world. These videos are gaining hundreds of thousands of views.

New photos of Nastasia in her personal blog shocked and caused controversy. The actress published a picture, which you can see too realistic wrinkles! I have the feeling that the star is not 30 years, and 50!

“Finally at least one photo without photoshop!”— happy haters.

Fans who truly love the actress, was divided into two parts. Some have argued that this is a theatrical or movie make-up, others — that the actress had aged myself by using one of the popular application for processing photos.

Someone even suggested that Samburski old horror, got into his first fight in the program “revizorro” leading which she became at the beginning of this year.

While checking the quality of service cafe “Neptun” in Nizhny Novgorod, employees of the TV channel “Friday” has attacked the employee of the restaurant. The man did not like the actions nastasi and her colleagues. The attack was so vicious that the whole crew headed Samburski had to hastily retreat from an institution. The TV immediately after the completion of filming commented: “We have already visited several cities of Russia. And let me tell you, to be revizorro!»