30-year-old Anna chipovskaya was struck by the changed face

30-летняя Анна Чиповская поразила изменившимся лицом
The actress began to look much older than his age.

Anna Chipovskaya

Photo: @chi_pa Instagram of Anna Chipovskaya

The modern art of make-up has already reached incredible heights. Now any young actress it’s easy to look “old” so that nobody notices the deception. Anna chipovskaya published a picture, which illustrates how jewelry and learned how to work the makeup. Aged 50 years the actress did not recognize even her closest friends!

When chipovskaya shared in social networks photo, which looks like a lady of venerable age, many simply do not believe that the photo really captured Anna. She the actress with humor reacted to the experiment, but noted that he was happy when the makeup was removed. Still, this sudden retirement is stressful for a young girl. “And I even nose are not glued because it is made from a cast. Sensations the most interesting, especially when off all this beauty. As they say, “such a relief,” commented a photo of Ana.

Judging by the result, chipovskaya in old age will not look less impressive than it is now. “Wow! Wow! I didn’t recognize You”, “come on! Beautiful old”, “Very realistic, not to know”, “If not for the signature, I never would have thought that this is Anna”, “Grandma from Chipovskaya going to be awesome”, “Cool, not everyone will dare to put such a masterpiece!” — write to Anna friends.