3-year-old son Rudkovskaya and Plushenko refuses to act for free

3-летний сын Рудковской и Плющенко отказывается сниматься бесплатно

Yana Rudkovskaya and Evgeny Plushenko the soul is not fer in their overall child – three year old Alexandra. In social networks, the producer often puts a video with his son, where is carefully and affectionately calls it Dwarf Gnomic.

To hide the child from the public star parents didn’t want to. Instead, Jan and Eugene decided to monetize the charm of their child and began to take active steps to have their child become a model.

Little Sasha, despite his young age, has already managed to negotiate the fee with the famous brand in the Bank, namely – 1 million rubles.

Apparently, now realizing its importance, I Gnomic decided what to do for free he did not intend. Even if a photo or video to his Instagram account, which leads his mother.

By the way, this video claim little Gnome of Genomica Rudkovskaya recently published online.

Subscribers the video with Sasha very much, what follows from their comments: “Oh what a good Sanya are just lovely!!!”, “Well done)))”, “Well, right! Who does that for free???)))))”, “Correctly son ! And it is only necessary for the gifts! Good girl from childhood accustomed to labor!”, “Little hard worker!!!”.