3-летний сын Галины Боб попал в больницу с травмой
The boy hit his head.

Photo: Instagram

Not the most successful turned out to Galina Bob and her oldest son yesterday. While Hiking the 3-year-old Loew has fallen dramatically. The boy hit his head on the pavement and literally broke his forehead. Galina immediately went with his son to the hospital to check to see if Leo has a concussion and to treat the wound, stitches and a bandage — so strong it seemed the wound.

“Walked… a baptism of fire passed, the opponent was not easy — the asphalt! — said Galina after all the “terrible” part was behind us. — I think mothers of boys will understand us. How to keep up with two boys? Thank God, on x-ray all fine. Behavior and General condition too!”

After doctors were convinced that the boy is alright, they let him go home. Leve prescribed rest, and then his condition will be monitored by the pediatrician.

Tremendous moral support was provided by Galina her fans. Under the post actress about the incident has left Leve wishes for a speedy recovery to almost fifteen hundred people! Many of the “mom” in the comments talked about what type of injuries received by their children and that’s okay in this situation there is. Moreover, it is confirmed by doctors.

“Man! Let it be the biggest shock of his life!” — supported the star of the series “Deffchonki” one of the fans.