29-летняя девушка скончалась после пластики в столичной клинике The investigative Committee checks. The girl who came to Moscow from a province wanted to change the nose shape, but after surgery the doctors asked for help in scientific research Institute Sklifosovsky. But the doctors were unable to save the patient’s life.
29-летняя девушка скончалась после пластики в столичной клинике

It became known today that on April 25 at a private clinic died 29-year-old Marina. She wanted to change and went to re-rhinoseptoplasty – changing the shape of the nasal septum and tip of nose. However due to complications she was delivered from the facility where she was not able to provide the necessary life-saving assistance in the research Institute. Sklifosofskiy.

As it was established the Investigation Committee, this is not the first death after the operation at the medical center, located in Trinity. Not yet established what caused the death of the young woman. Now a criminal case, and checks.

“Today carried out searches at the clinic and at home Director and staff. Seized the necessary documentation. Set all affected by the actions of private medical center”, – said the Investigative Committee.
29-летняя девушка скончалась после пластики в столичной клинике

Marina has paid for the operation of 300 thousand rubles. For a young woman it was the third surgery – previous results did not suit her. The spouse of the patient, Alexander declared that on 16 April, the wife in a coma since she was diagnosed with rupture of the ovaries. The man does not understand how this could happen.

Earlier after surgery in the same clinic died a citizen of Canada – 41-year-old Olga. She wanted to correct the nose and chest. And recently, urgent help needed three more patients: after plastic surgery they were discovered to have acute appendicitis, cholecystitis and toxic liver damage. All of these women are now in a serious condition.

Recently discussed the same high-profile case connected with death of the patient on the operating table. Ekaterina Kiseleva turned to one of the capital’s hospitals to do a breast lift. However, on 15 April relatives reported that the woman died. According to one version, it happened because of heart problems. Despite the fact that the results of the analyses provided by the patient, she had no contraindications, the body could not cope with surgery. Now the investigation is underway.

Muscovite died after plastic surgery

Catherine has raised two children 11 and 12 years. The parents of a young woman talked about the fact that she is very attentive to their appearance, and therefore decided to go for the surgery. She assured the family that there is nothing wrong, and all passed safely. For being in the clinic Kiselev paid 157 thousand rubles. The medical establishment returned to relatives the amount spent and paid 50 thousand in moral compensation.

This article used materials of the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.