28-летняя футбольная чемпионка умерла при загадочных обстоятельствах Eve did not become the defender of the women’s football club “Zvezda-BGU” Julia Borisenko, the sad news was reported by colleagues of the girl. The cause of death of young athletes to the end is not yet clear. According to one version, the player could drown.
28-летняя футбольная чемпионка умерла при загадочных обстоятельствах

The young sportswoman from Belarus Yulia Borisenko died at the age of 28 years. The girl long time, played in the women’s football club “Zvezda-BGU”. The sad news was published in the official group of the team.

Close friends and fellow football players collected money to help her parents. The last match with participation Borisenko was a few days ago. In the championship of Belarus “Zvezda-BGU” defeated “Slav” with a score of 22:0, Julia scored one of the goals.

“Our team is great sorrow… Today came the sad news that was not football players “Zorka-BDU” Yulia Borisenko. We are deeply shocked. It is difficult to accept this sad news. The team, the club and the fans share the pain of losing loved ones,” says the official group of the club.
28-летняя футбольная чемпионка умерла при загадочных обстоятельствах

In the Republican centre of Olympic reserve football team of the Belarusian state University reported that Julia was drowned. Football fans Express their condolences in social media.

“We don’t know the exact details, this is only according to all. I would not want to show articles with incorrect or distorted information”, – said Borisenko friend.

Later, according to media reports, more details emerged of the death of the athlete. Last weekend Julia with friends went to rest on the lake Katashi in the Brest region. The girls decided to swim together ran into the water, and when I came ashore, I realized that Julia is not among them. First, the athlete searched for on their own, then called on the help of the police and emergency services. The girl’s body found in the water the next day only 50 metres from the place where I bathed all the others, said “nn.by”.

28-летняя футбольная чемпионка умерла при загадочных обстоятельствах

Colleague Yulia confirmed that the player drowned. The parents of the athletes are in a state of shock.

“Yeah, she drowned. But the details are not accurate, as it happened. There are a lot of different versions. A lot of false information, which is very frustrating”, Yelena Akulich.