28-летняя жительница Воронежа отправилась в кругосветку с  $2000 в кармане In January of this year, Alina Malakhova went on a trip, bring all the savings. She said “StarHit” how to nukitsamees and see the whole world. The girl admitted that was always afraid of routine, and therefore can not long remain in one place.
28-летняя жительница Воронежа отправилась в кругосветку с  $2000 в кармане

In just six years, she has visited 30 countries. In 2011, Alina graduated from the Voronezh state University with a degree in Romano-Germanic Philology. The first thing she found on the web companion and went from his native Voronezh to Saint Petersburg.

“On the way I met a young man, – says Alina Malakhova. We got to talking, he offered to work as a Counsellor in the suburban camp. Gladly agreed, and spent one shift. Got some money, and returned home, I applied for a Finnish visa. And in August sailed on the ferry to Finland, then was Estonia, so I made it to Amsterdam.”

Starting position

After was the second, third, fourth travel… to Travel from one country to another – children’s dream Alina. Once came across a book about Australia, she quickly read it, then about other countries. Decided to be an adult and certainly they all look. And so it happened. Usually travel Alina was the length of several weeks, rarely lasting for months. She returned to Russia, he earned and was flying again.

28-летняя жительница Воронежа отправилась в кругосветку с  $2000 в кармане“I just like everything: work, learn, communicate, but just do it in different parts of the world, – says the heroine. For example, in March 2013, after wintering in Asia, the ferry moved from Korea to Russia, to Vladivostok. Got a job as administrator in hostel. Seven months living in a small apartment with roommates. One knew Korean, the second Japanese, I decided to learn Oriental language and began to study books on Chinese. And in the beginning of 2015 found in the Internet exchange program, I was required good English, certificate of no criminal record and health status, travel visa, tickets to China and back. The remaining costs paid for by a local family and host company. Six months I practiced Chinese and got acquainted with life”.
28-летняя жительница Воронежа отправилась в кругосветку с  $2000 в кармане

After this internship Malakhov decided to stop to choose to go to grad school or continue to travel around the world.

“I chose the former, – says Alina. – Passed all that you need, but the University never got. I did not say that right after finals I had to sign some papers and pay tuition. I learned that on the eve of the first of September…So the solution was obvious – go around the world”.


But the trip needed money. Alina came to Moscow. Rented a room in the apartment. Got a job as a secret shopper, found a part time job via online service services. “Sometimes it was 500 rubles a day, sometimes more, continues the heroine. For example, once given the task to take the documents from capital to Yaroslavl and back – for half a day earned 5500”.

28-летняя жительница Воронежа отправилась в кругосветку с  $2000 в кармане

Aline managed to accumulate about 120 thousand rubles. In parallel, she made a round-the world route – the start was scheduled for 1 January 2017. “I realized that the adventure began when on the way to the airport he lost his wallet in the pocket and left 400 rubles, – says Alina. – Fortunately, all the money was on the map friend Sergei, and I removed them already abroad.”

In the beginning, during the Christmas holidays, a close friend Alina made up her company. They had visited Iran, India, Sri Lanka. After the man returned to Russia, and Alina went to the Philippines, then to China.

“In February I stayed on the island of Taiwan – says the girl. – On a volunteer website I found a job in a hotel. Sitting at the front Desk, took calls, answered letters and helped the guests. Instead, I was given a room, paid 200 rubles a day, there was an opportunity to use the Bicycle and surf. As the night went on the roof: on the one hand – the mountains and the ocean. Beauty!”

Malakhov later went on to travel around China – in Macau, Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

“We live together with a neighbor, remove the three-room apartment on the 30th floor. Five days a week I teach English at a private school earn about $1,800 a month. I usually get up at ten in the morning, do exercises, listen to podcasts in Chinese, after practicing spelling words and reading. The work starts at three and ends around nine. After – home, or hang out at the bar”.
28-летняя жительница Воронежа отправилась в кругосветку с  $2000 в кармане

In Shenzhen, a traveler will stay for another three months and then depart to Vladivostok – you need to apply for a visa.

“This year I want to finish the stage in Asia to fly home Kamchatka by helicopter to visit the most closed country in the world – North Korea, after researching Japan. And then travel to Spain, walk the Camino – the pilgrim road, and its length is about 800 km and After a little rest in England, and will finish somewhere in the Alps, want populararity in the village near the mountains. In 2018, will travel to Africa, South America, and then in the North.”

A trip around the world Alina plans to complete 1 January 2019. But return home immediately.

28-летняя жительница Воронежа отправилась в кругосветку с  $2000 в кармане“I hope six months to work abroad. For example, on a cruise ship. After going to graduate, but not in Russia – looked after free training program in Germany. Another dream to do a project related to national tourism, to write a book about traveling and start saving for a house I will build in Voronezh. Before I was afraid that after so many striking events will come the dark age – job-family-Laundry-Ironing service. But recently I realized: it’s the same choice, and if you approach it consciously, you will surely be happy.”